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Relax, we'll take care of your hosting.

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Why Full Service Hosting

Life is busy enough as it is without having to deal with stuff that isn’t your core business. Why spend your valuable time figuring out how to get your hosting up and running, creating email addresses, worrying about how you’re going to reach your hosting provider, et cetera, if there are professionals who are there for you? Through our dedicated Full Service Hosting, we at Uisce take care of all things hosting for a reasonable price.

For whom do we offer serviced hosting?

Everyone deserves Full Service Hosting, whether you’re self employed, have a small or medium sized business or a larger company. Full Service Hosting is a dedicated hosting service, facilitating WordPress websites created by Uisce Web Development.

100% service

At Uisce Web Development, we take care of your web design and web development. What’s more, we will not only ensure your website is both stunning and effective. Through Our Full Service Hosting, we’ll provide you with everything you need to have a carefree hosting experience…

Superb Wordpress Hosting​ with superfast SSD storage

We specialise in
WordPressWordPress is web publishing software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. It just may be the easiest and most flexible blogging and website content management system (CMS) for beginners..
Our servers are optimised for WordPress websites - even the most intricate ones - and our knowledge is always up to date.

Real Support by People who Care

Our support team consists of WordPress specialists who take all the time needed to help you properly, in both English and Dutch. So no underpaid, outsourced helpdesk who are aiming to spend as little time as possible on your issues.

Email Services Included

Email hosting is included in our hosting plans and we make it really easy for you. If you need a new email address, just drop us a message and we'll take care of it.

Customer reviews

After some rotten experiences, I didn't want to worry about keeping my website online anymore. The people at Uisce are doing a tremendous job with their Full Service Hosting. Ever since they took over the maintenance of the site, it has been a smooth operation.
customer Maureen Sims
Uisce takes care of all the development, hosting, email related stuff and everything else needed for our 40+ people business. I'm not really technically talented and now I don't need to be, cos they’re only a call or mail away, which is brilliant.
customer Maureen Sims
My website crashed several times after an update, nightmare! I need my shop to work so my business keeps going. Ever since I'm with FSH (and had Uisce do a overhaul of my shop), it's no hassle at all.
customer Maureen Sims
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