Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t have a website yet. Do you design and develop websites as well?

    When we say Full Service we mean Full Service. We can even take care of your web design and web development. Our sister company Uisce Web Design & Development will ensure your website will be both stunning and effective. And we’ll take care of it all, so you’ll have one contact for everything. It’s that easy!

  • How fast can you have my website up and running?

    Once your plan and everything is paid for, your domain and webspace should be setup rather fast, normally within an hour. If you want us to move your WordPress website to our servers (i.e. you already have a website ready and waiting somewhere, local or at an other server), just contact us, give us access and everything else we might need and we should be able to schedule it within a few days.

  • Can you transfer my website from my old hosting provider to you guys for me?

    Yes, we certainly can. Send us a message with the details and we’ll get in touch with you to explain the procedure.

  • Can I pay my hosting plan per month?

    No, you can’t. Our core business is to provide you with an excellent hosting service. Keeping our books is a task which we consider necessary but outside of said core business and we’d like to do it as little as possible. Like you, we prefer to spend our time on what we’re good at and love doing and by keeping our financial transactions to a minimum we’re enabling that.

  • Can I buy a domain with Full Service Hosting?

    Yes, you can.  At Full Service Hosting we offer over 500 domain extensions. Just enter your desired domain name into the search box on the homepage and check whether it’s free. We’ll also show you suggestions for other domain names that might suit you.

  • I have a Joomla website, can you host it for me?

    Sure we can… We specialise in hosting WordPress websites and that’s what a lot of our service is all about. However, if you know your way in Joomla and can do that specific stuff yourself, we are more than happy to host your site and email for you.

    And that’s not all. With the Softaculous Auto Installer, which you get the use of as a FSH customer, numerous other applications are also only a few clicks away.

  • Where are you based?

    We’re based in Ireland, in County Kerry to be precise, and serve customers in the entire European Economic Area, plus the United Kingdom and Switzerland.